pondělí 20. února 2012

Fashion Monday 20.2.2012

David is a good guy, obviously. He is an artist active in a music movement in Prague for a very long time. With his new project PoT (Prince of Tennis) they are now going for a tour around Czech & Slovak lands. Check it! Beside that he is also surprisingly healthy living sportsman, hard core runner and yoga master as well. We think that he should easily work like a model too, shouldn't he?

Big wheels on a 3-day bag moves easily on the broken streets everywhere, not only in Prague 1

This bag complies to hand luggage requirement of most airlines. Isn't it great?
Unique sweater from Barbour Beacon Heritage range - our personal favorite piece
Detachable herringbone twill hood - amazing feature

Ijin Material special Marine selvedge details on backpockets. "Diamonds" instead of rivets.

Exclusive to Ijin, double tram line soft selvedge. Goes well with Red Wing Beckman

Simple decent belt goes well with all the jeans. Special selvedge line also on coin pocket. 

..and that's all, folks!

Tee - Denim Demon
R-Lamme Tee White

Sweater - Barbour Beacon Heritage
Hooded Half Zip Jumper

Jacket - Barbour Beacon Heritage
Mount Shirt Jacket (Goretex)

Boots - Red Wing

Bag - Qwstion  

All the nice guys of the past:

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