pondělí 28. května 2012

Fashion Monday 28.5.12. - Young Blood

Kristián is undoubtedly one the youngest guys we've ever had in Fashion Mondays. Currently he studies the Law University here, in Prague. He is a Prague patriot although a half of his family come from Hungary. As many of us, he is fond of things which maybe costs a bit more than usual but they can last  and they get better with time. Also, he loves beer and he is always keen to search for fresh new tastes, no matter if we think about food or drink. As we all do.

Thank you Kristian. We'll try our best, too!

Indigofera Ray, fits all right

Sunpocket Sport Xtal Matt is the newest addition to our Sunpocket selection

Everyone likes special holes on the Royal RepubliQ Innovation belt

Ready for summer. With a boat shoes...

First signs of wearing, after almost 4 months

Indigofera Fresno Jacket, reminiscence of 30s 
Rusty buttons, these extreme details on this jacket make us surprised
A very special Momotaro chambray hood shirt

"War stripes" cannot be missed on this shirt

We can easily imagine that these Rays are now favorite pair of jeans for Kristian.

The leather on these Red Wings is amazing. Obviousy goes well with Indigofera selvage denim

We are happy to help you look forward to your bright future!

pondělí 21. května 2012

Fashion Monday 21.5. - good to know you!

Marek is one of the very first customers of Denim Heads. Unfortunately, he left his well worn Momotaro jeans at home today. He has helped us a lot in the beginning with our shop etc. not only because he is a professional photographer but also because he is a great buddy, always in a good mood and always ready to help. We appreciate that!
Besides that he is a good father, he loves to cook and obviously, he rides a bike. Check soon one his latest projects here.

Not only Armor Lux Breton shirts have the stripes, Indigofera tees can have them too.

A very special cut of this Ijin Material top.

The place for Ijin Material initials is not really mainstream

Neither this detail is common, but we like it!
Engineer boots with a typical Red Wing's white sole.

The cognac color of Nimes Belt goes well with all the denim.

Even Marek was a bit surprised how many pockets this Vintage Cotton Hunting Jacket had.

All I need is displayed on this picture (except beer).

All the other V.I.P.s we had here:

pondělí 14. května 2012

Fashion Monday 14.5.12. - Close Encounters

This Monday we were more than lucky. It happened that without any arrangement we had suddenly two very inspiring minds met in our shop. Then, the things went quickly, already for 2nd time we have a nice couple here being so kind to be the models for our Fashion Monday. They are both multi-talented, entertaining persons and it is always a pleasure to talk with. Click on the following links to find out why. Check some of Petra's work hereJan is involved in so many things.. Check Zerwox & Pedal Project blog & Okolo web & Botas 66 sneakers or some vibes here. You should not miss Headquarters too.

Enjoying Warsteiner or not?  Visit our shop to let us know..

Famous Ijin double tram line soft selvage and super comfortable Officine Creative. A very unique combo.

Red Wings for ladies too! In stock.
Qwstion Tote bag easily switched to a backpack
Ijin signature "Sixth pocket"
Innovation belt. Works well for ALL the sizes.
Sunpocket shades do not hide certain doubts 
We would be very happy if we could see well dressed persons a bit more often..

But we all do our best, don't we?



Want to see more styles?

čtvrtek 10. května 2012

Sunpocket - skladem vše!

Nejen vzhledem k pokročilému ročnímu období jsme naskladnili oblíbené a praktické brýle Sunpocket Original. Více o značce si můžete přečíst třeba tady. To, že to nejsou sluneční brýle určené pouze na hory, je asi jasné. Jsou velmi oblíbené i mezi surfaři, ale také do města. Vždyť není nic snadnějšího než brýle složit jakmile se sešeří. A navíc jsou v praktickém obalu z tvrdého plastu i v bezpečí.

Sunpocket Sport Xtal Matt

Sunpocket II Vanilla Matt

Kromě oblíbených a celkem standartních barev jako je černá či šedá v lesklé i matné verzi, máme opět i brýle zelené, modré, červené nebo i v imitaci želvoviny. Novinkou jsou pak poloprůhledné brýle nebo obroučky v barvě vanilky.

Část naší sbírky - pro každého něco

Brýle jsou unisex a vybere si snad každý. Osobně v našem Concept Store Qubus x Denim Heads spolu s osvěžujícími ledovými čaji True Tea nebo and šálkem kvalitní sicilské kávy. Samozřejmě můžete brýle Sunpocket objednat také v eshopu.

pondělí 7. května 2012

Fashion Monday 7.5.12. - Family Business

We know Karel for a very long time. He is very handsome and always ready to help with any technical problem. Specialized for old Ford cars and old Czech movie cameras An owner of couple of Ford Granadas and Cortinas. We were really proud to have him here with his neat son Karel jr.

Karel jr., Armor Lux Breton shirt & Denim Demon jeans. Very stylish.

Karel jr. & Karel sr., Armor Lux Breton Shirts & Denim Demon jeans. Double stylish.

All the details of an "adult" version of Denim Demon jeans are implemented.

Art lovers.

Red Wing Chelsea Boot and Broken Twill denim

Nimes Belt is a very reasonable priced leather belt. Available in brown or cognac too.

Karel the Son
  • Breton Shirt Armor Lux Beg Meil Blanc/Navire, on stock, currently not shown in webstore
  • jeans Denim Demon Manna Rinsed, on stock, currently not shown in webstore

Karel the Father

Enjoying smoke during photo shooting, relaxed work for Denim Heads. A pleasure.

Beckmans look always awesome but with selvage even better

The wallet & keys always on place

Massive Soxisix belt. Best you can buy. And it is Czech! 
Detachable hoodie, back pocket and other details on this special Barbour jacket designed by Tokihito Yoshida

Typical Tokito silhouette, slimmer than usual Barbour

Well done, thank you Karel!