pondělí 13. února 2012

Fashion Monday 13.2.2012

Jindřich je mnohaletým (ano, již 32 let!!) kamarádem se kterým jsme prožili mnohé. I nadále je dobrým společníkem, zakládajícím členem Turbojugend Praha. A jak jinak, fanouškem výběrové hudby a kvalitního piva.

Henry is a friend for a very, very long time. During last 32 (!!) years we had a lot of fun together, no doubt. After that, he is still a very nice dude, co-founder of Turbojugend Praha. And, obviously, a fan of a selected music and a good beer.

Jindřich, a friend for last 32 years!
Detachable hoodie, a nice feature in our country (even we have a better weather than in England)

Even You can come to grab your Barbour jacket!
Qwstion Office bag cannot be seen well here but you bet it is a great bag

Belt & boots in the same color. The rule (which can be broken sometimes..)
It takes some time to wear-in Japan Blue Jeans

Evergreen of Fashion Mondays - Selvedge & Red Wing shoes
Ijin Beanie and Sunpocket makes a nice combo here. Armor Lux is a reminder that a summer  will come one day

- jeans Japan Blue    JB0101, 8 months (rotating with another pair), 2 cold soaks
- bag Qwstion    Office bag black 

Nice guys of the past:

Don't know what Turbojugend is? And how about Turbonegro?

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