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Tilak Pountnik - Crafted with Pride in Czech republic

Czech version HERE

We, at Denim Heads, always offer to our customers stuff carefully selected from around the world: japanese denimamerican bootsaswedish flannell shirtsnorwegian wool blanketscanadian undershirtsfrench striped knitsswiss bagsenglish jacketsdanish a belgian biker's fashion and a lots of other things. We have also leather belts, wallets and bags produces by a Czech brand Soxisix. There is a nice demand for their products not only by locals but also from foreign countries. This fact is a proof that it makes sense for people to do what they want and they do not need to do any compromises when choosing a fabric or spend time to craft the products properly. OK, the price can be a bit higher than the price of the crap imported from sweatshops somewhere far away. The best news is that we found something what is comparable (or better) with top quality brands and it yes, it is made in Czech republic. There was always a tradition and high level craftmanship for centuries and it is a shame that it is almost gone because of cheap products from the East. We are really proud that we now carry these exceptional Tilak Poutník jackets in our store.

Unfortunately, the sign "Made in Czech republic" we do not see very often anymore

The Tilak company was founded in 1986 (at those days it was called KAMM Sport). The basic rule of the company is that all the production is placed in Czech republic. Everything is made under one roof directly in the company buildings in Sumperk. Thanks to this rule, there is the best control of all the processes of production and there is always guarantee 4 years. Another benefit for the customer is also non-warranty service. We love all these aspects!

The fit of the jacket is amazing
Tilak is the only manufactory for outdoor clothing based in Czech republic with the official license to work with GORE products (Gore-tex, Windstopper,..), which are obviously one of the best in world. They use also weather resistant Ventile fabric made of 100% cotton (and that is The fabric we are interested in!) or fleece Polartec Powerstrech. More about history eg. here.

The sewing and the overall look is without any imperfections

More about the brand they say on their webpage:
"We are trying to offer you the best quality. It's the point of our work. Without the compromises. The whole production process starts at the design studio Acronym in München. The great attention is paid to the style of products, and the last step is sewing. The unique characteristics of used materials require a well-done making. The production process is finished by the special sticking technology using high temperatures and pressures. The waterproofness of products is tested several times during the day - we have records about each test. The whole process runs in our own factory in Šumperk.

All products are improved gradually. We have different kinds of suggestion coming from different kinds of people working on our products or using them, especially from e.g. our customers, professional partners, specialized sellers using our products during the mountains expeditions. The simple resolution motivates us - to be constantly the best. Yes, that is exactly what we love to hear and what works together with our motto: Denim Heads - Only the Best!

The Tilak brand is very well known on the real outdoor market which is not exactly what we do at Denim Heads but there is a special line called Poutník (czech word for pilgrim), resp. Urban Traveler and that is very interesting stuff they make. The garments are not made of GORE-TEX®, but in this case the fabric is Ventile. 100% cotton withou any coating or lamination, just pure cotton. More info on fabric bellow.

Kabát je velmi funční, ale nepostrádá ani styl

The man behind the perfect design is a famous designer, Canadian living in Germany or New York, Errolson Hugh. He founded the Acronym studio focused on Urban Fashion. Errolson gives a special attention to technical details and uses the best fabrics available. Acronym works with such huge brands like Burton or the outdoor garments masters Arc'Teryx. Tilak and Errolson work together since 2002. The fit is adjusted to the main goal of the collection which is the clothing for the city, not the mountains with extreme weather conditions. The fit looks a bit slim and there are lots of details which bring the techniques developed for outdoor. There is a  durability against the harsh weather, but with the urban twist. It is maybe not so surprising that this line (Poutnik) came to the market because of the demand from Japan. This line of jackets is in japanese stores only, we are the only exception outside of Japan!

Also the fabric is very special. Ventile® 

was the first truly effective all weather fabric whose breathability performance remains unsurpassed. Its secret lies in the uncoated and unlaminated construction. The fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's crop. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense Oxford weave, using up to 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics. The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. The combination of fibres, yarns and weave causes expansion in a uniform manner. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water. In addition to this, Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabrics water resistant properties and increases performance. The fabric therefore provides excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold. But, still, it has a nice feel when you touch it.

Není mnoho výrobců na světě, kde se dá objevit tato visačka

The long pedigree of the fabric goes back as far as the late 1930's. With war looming, the British government thought that there would be a shortage of flax that was used in those days for fire hoses and water buckets. An alternative was required and research was commenced into the use of cottons, woven in such a way as to keep water in ! And it worked.
The requirements for research though changed during World War II. Britain depended upon convoys carrying vital supplies, but our Russian convoys across the Arctic Ocean were particularly susceptible to attack from submarines and long - range bombers. Home based RAF fighter escort cover was impossible because of distance.

So, Winston Churchill promoted the concept of catapulting expendable Hurricane aircraft from the decks of merchant ships to provide local cover. There was no means of landing back on the deck. The pilot had the choice of ditching the aircraft or bailing out into the sea. There was no problem in spotting the pilots who had signals and lights, but the water was so cold that life expectancy was only a few minutes. Most died from exposure.

There was an urgent need for a new, protective clothing fabric that would be comfortable in the cockpit under combat conditions and that would also keep a pilot warm and dry in the sea.

After many trials, the scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester U.K. developed the fabric called 'Ventile'. When made into finished garments, life expectancy in the sea was extended from a few minutes to 20 minutes and rescue was now a real possibility. 80% of anti-submarine pilots who fell into the sea now survived.

Ventile® fabrics for RAF clothing went into mass production in 1943 and the military association still remains today. Garment designs have changed over the years but you will still find Ventile® suits in modern Tornado jets with the RAF and other NATO airforces.

It is an urban jacket but it has features common in hardcore outdoor garments
Our offer contains of two colourways for jacket (Navy a Olive) and a coat in Navy clour. Like it was said above, there are some unusual technical features which help to keep this jacket very practical but it still looks very good in the city (unlike usual outdoor clothing). There is a hidden hoodie in the collar (for jackets) or removable hoodie (the coat). The 2-way zippers are from YKK. There is also a zippered pocket on the left sleeve on the jackets.

Well, you will not use this pocket for ski-pass but it is nice addition to that clean design
Once again, we have to point out that we are very happy and really proud to carry these amazing garments in our store. The fit, fabric, details and the craftmanship - everything is set to such a high level that we can understand how is it possible for Tilak to be on the special niche market as Japan definitely is. You can try the jackets in out store, or you can order them directly on our webstore.

These details show of what Acronym brought to the table

We used informations from Tilak and Ventile for this article

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