pátek 10. května 2013

Momotaro Vintage 0201 - retired

Momotaro Jeans always played important role in our Denim Heads game. They were one of the first products we offered, they are undoubtedly one of the best (and most interesting) denim brands in the whole world, they are good friends and it is always a pleasure to meet with and what is the most important fact, it is a first pair of real japanese denim jeans on this Denim Heads blog

Since 10th of October 2010 I tried to wear them as much as possible for some time (let's say 1 year) then I started to rotate them with some other jeans. They were used when walking, biking, riding motorbikes, driving cars, flying, going by boat, sitting on the bar, and yes, hang-banging on so many concerts. Last 1,5 year I started to wear them less and less often, only for more special occasions, like meeting with my friend Katsu etc. It was a pleasure to see them changing the color, shape and obviously they were changing the size a lot by wearing, soaking, washing, hemming etc. All the informations about the size changes you can see easily in the table bellow. Let me just point out that those jeans were bought unsanforized so the sizes really have changed quite rapidly. Most jeans we sell are sanforized thus you don't need to think about such big changes...

If you any questions, please let us know on: info@denimheads.cz

Almost 6 months old, some soaks, 1 wash

The jeans were traveling with me everywhere but once they went to the far Japan, to Okayama, to be repaired and hemmed. We wrote about this "trip" here.

Obvious crotch blow out after a repair in Momotaro 

Here are some links on all the previous posts concerning this particular pair of jeans:

But like every good thing has to come the end, I retire those jeans and will show them up only on very special occasion since now. You can see some signs of using on the pictures bellow. Please be informed that next week there is coming a new batch of fresh Momotaro jeans in our store. Check these jeans also on the new Momotoro web site.

Full front..

..and back

Crotch after some repairs

I love those Momotaro's belt loops

Now they deserve the retirement

Repaired pockets, broken again..

Having keys in your front pocket is a killer even for such thick denim

a bit of abrasion everywhere

Concealed rivets still did not pop out

White Reyon tag on back pocket with red Momotaro Crest logo still on place

Back pockets, still keeping together

there is quite nice contrast in the fly area

It is always a pleasure to button up any of Momotaro jeans. You should try it too!

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