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Fashion Monday 13.5.2013 - a visit from the East

We stopped to make Fashion Mondays for a while but now we are back. At a full speed!

Katsu & Yoshito

Last week we had a pleasant visit from one of the most important supplier for us, Momotaro & Japan Blue. Katsu is a boss for Europe & US markets for both Momotaro and Japan Blue (officially General Sales Manager for Overseas). His friend Yoshito (Sales Manager) is now traveling with hime around the Europe. 

Going to Battle stripes on the beautiful Momotaro shirt

Katsu is very happy with his Qwstion Backpack which he bought last year from us. We are happy too.

Chambray Momotaro shirts are made with same high attention to details as their jeans.
Japan Blue 0404, tapered legs. Very popular cut now.
After 4 months, the jeans started to show something.

Wallet in the back pocket, always goes first.

Viberg boots. These boots are so nice and unique. We need them in our store, no doubt.


Jeans Japan Blue 0404, 2 months old, worn 3-4 times a week, 1 wash

Boots Viberg, it will not take a long time and we are going to have them in Denim Heads. It is definitely best of the best in the world of shoes.

Bag Qwstion Backpack Grey, 1 year old

Yoshito has Japan Blue 0206 jeans. Special fabric. Soon on stock.

0206 is more low waist, but a bit tapered too. These are brand new.

Java version of popular 6" Moc-Toe. We love the color and the feel of the fabric.

tee Momotaro MT301 Red, Zimbawe cotton

jeans Japan Blue 0206, a cuple of days old, soon on stock

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