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Fashion Monday 27.5. - Kevin

More than 18 months we are talking about spending some time shooting a couple of pictures with Kevin, a guy which I think is a good example of renaissance man living, working and creating in 21st century. One good example is his bicycle, the first one he build by himself after switching from motorcycles. We all think that this switch is only temporary :) We feature this Fashion Monday in two steps: "Man and his bicycle" and "The Worker". You can find some other amazing things he makes on his webpage. It was a pleasure, as always when we meet... Thanks!

A man and his bike
Rooktown Bacpack, a quality which was obvious back in the days
Solid back strap hook
Red Wing Iron Range may be not the best shoe for fixie bike, but why not to try it?
This Stetson Brooklin fits very well in this case. You can see also an emboss on the newest Sunpocket style, Kauai.

LVC jeans & Brooks saddle, that' what we can call a classic combo

Worker denim jacket is not the most popular item among our clients but we simply adore these garments

Another amazing bag from Rooktown guys, this time it is Navy Back Sack

A chambray shirt of best fabric possible made in Okayma. And a leather wallet made of best leather hide you can get. Handsewn! 

We love those Hickory stripes

Woggle from Rooktown and a bandana from Indigofera. Two brands and two schoolmates behind them..

We had this Momotaro hat on stock last year but is gone. Unfortunately. But we have again these Sunpocket II in Cedar color variation.
The relaxed fit of Bob trousers. Good for summer.

Believe it or not,  we had a good time. Thanks again, Kevin!

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