pondělí 12. března 2012

Fashion Monday 12.3.2012 - triple dose

Jakub is a very good friend, as always here in FM. Beside that, he is a (wind) surfer, snowboarder, golfer, traveller and a rum specialist. He is on of the best of our customers. Most of the stuff he is wearing for this shooting is a part of his wardrobe. Some pieces for quite a long time....

Thus, today's Fashion Monday is divided into three parts. Which one you like the best?

Part I.
Mention the sewing under his knee

Would you believe that the pea coat is size 4XL? With custom prolonged sleeves.

Ijin Material jeans - very special

Scarf from Japan Blue was sold out during one week.

Tricker's. Started to produce shoes in 1829!

Ijin Material special buttons

Thurston Vest..is the best!

Royal RepubliQ belt. Very good priced comparing to the quality.

Denim Demon Nualan shirt. Henley shirts are back!

Part II.

Momotaro after a wash in Atlantic ocean

Breton shirt - a classic stripes for a classic sailor
This fading you cannot buy, very personal

Well worn in Redwing Chelsea boot

Stitching on Soxisix belt. Czech handmade!

Part III.
Elegant & very practical Barbour coat

Special Japan Blue jeans (Blue&black)
Japan Blue blue stitching and Tricker's. Almost a rainbow..

Barbour International Sweathirt - connection to the Barbour motorcycle history

.. so what is the best now?

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