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Fashion Monday 19.3.2012 - gender balanced

Actually, this denim is not from Denim Heads, it is not from Europe neither. Any tips?

As usual here, Marek is one of the first customers of Denim Heads, a good friend for a long time, beer connoisseur, better expert for (not only) Czech political and social scene than the others, runner (planning to run 2012 km in 2012 - and he will do it!). After many years in different branches of business now he realizes his potential in a company specialized for measuring sport events, check Sportovni Servis.
We are happy that for the first time we can present in our famous Fashion Mondays other faces than beer connoisseurs. Ladies & gentlemen, applause for Gabi! 

And we thank you both very much..

Marek & Gabi in new purchased denim

The name of the street is from 2007. That was 100th anniversary of Jaroslav Foglar's birthday

Vests are back! Let's be ready.

Typical details of: Qwstion, Royal RepubliQ, Denim Demon & Armor Lux

Bags easily changeable to backpacks. Very practical feature of Qwstion bags.

Indigofera Double Red Selvage together with beautiful Red Wing Moc-Toe in Sage Mohave.

Herringbone version are almost sold out but any Qwstion bag is ALWAYS worth of buying

If the customers are happy, we can be even more happy

shades Sunpocket Sport Tortoise, a couple of months old
Breton shirt Armor Lux Lesconil Blanc Braise, on stock, currently not available in eshop
jeans Denim Demon Njaltja black, on stock, currently not available in eshop
bag Qwstion Weekender Herringbone, last one on stock

shirt Denim Demon Aasa Gingham, on stock, soon in shop
bag Qwstion Office Bag Herringbone, sold out

You can see a loss of many kilos after running couple of hundreds kilometers

Finally well worn-in Red Wings. It was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. Worth of that effort..

So far, so good. No wash, no soaking..yet

Slim vs. classic fit

Any comments? Let me know...
jeans Denim Demon Njaltja Looke, on stock, currently not available in shop

Breton shirt Armor Lux Loctudy Noir / Nature, cca 8 months old
jacket Momotaro Double Pocket Jacket, 4 months old
jeans Momotaro Vintage Classic Straight, 15 months old, no wash, no soaking

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