pondělí 26. března 2012

Fashion Monday 26.3. - deal!

Jakub is a good actor as well

Jakub is a long time friend which we partied a lot with. Undoubtedly he is a talented musician which express his moods in many projects, recently in United Heads and occasionally in The Stargazer. It is definitely worth to check both of them because they are so different from each other that it is seems impossible to be a part of both of them. 

You have to act in many different ways when you want to make a deal

The word "deal" in the title of this article can be understood in many ways. The truth is simple. We have just made a deal concerning another addition in a refreshment portfolio for our customers (and for us as well). Besides of a finest coffee and selected premium beers, we can offer now Czech made True Tea. In our opinion it simply the best (remember our motto "Only the best"?) non-alcoholic drink you can get. 

A small sip and you are there...
It was a pleasure to have you here, Jakub!

Qwstion Weekender, truly universal bag

The best vest for summer festivals' cold nights

Yerba Mate True Tea, a true blast of energy

Hickory stripes and Red Wing Chelsea boot

True Tea, Soxisix belt and Indigofera Bob Hickory Stripe

Yep, he's a rockstar

Relaxed fit of Indigofera Bob & Denim Demon Henley shirt, 30s are back
Czech hand-made stitches on Soxisix belt

You should come to Denim Heads. Then, you will get it...

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