pondělí 23. dubna 2012

Fashion Monday 23.4. - spring is coming

After a short holiday we are back with another Fashion Monday. Today featuring Martin. He is a good customer and even better friend. He is a music connoisseur, a boxer and (if possible) a traveller. Because we just got a new delivery of Red Wing shoes last week we have to show at least a sample of them. Actually, Martin walked away straight with Iron Rangers Amber Harness. 

1. All year outfit

Jeans will be shortened very soon, finally we have found a suitable tailor

Everyone mentions Going to Battle stripes

Qwstion Simple bag can be used like a hand luggage, over the shoulder or like a backpack, simply..

Everyone mentions Going to Battle stripes and South Samí colored beads on the wallet chain

Iron Ranger Amber Harness. Beautiful color of the boot.

Unfortunately this picture does not show the side of the wallet made of Kurabo denim.

Soon we will show how these boots look when they are almost 3 years old...

Royal RepubliQ Coat Rivet belt. Check also different color of stitches on sleeves of Manne Jacket.

Wider selection of short-sleeved Armor Lux shirts coming shortly to the shop. Stay tuned.

2. Spring (and summer) outfit

Yes, we are (almost) ready for a spring and summer. Not all the garments are presented on our webstore but you can check them all in Concept Store Qubus x Denim Heads. You should know that we have limited stock thus you should not miss your chance...

In a hurry, the yacht is leaving soon...

Boat shoe, you see?

Indigofera tees always shine a light... we think

Denim Demon chambray shorts. The very first shorts we have in Denim Heads. Undoubtedly the best!

Everyone feels happy in our garments. Always!

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