pondělí 9. dubna 2012

Fashion Monday 9.4. - Denim for Motorcycle & Office

Vita is one of the first clients of Denim Heads. Actually, he was at the one the very first meetings we had with our partners. Thank you for your support!

He is an entertaining friend, handsome partner for the bar and the careful father and head of the family. He is (better said was, hahah) a very good ice hockey player and sportsman in general. As you can see bellow he loves motorcycles and probably also likes an office work as well. This Fashion Monday should show that we can dress you well for every purpose..

Hobbies: 1.)   2.)   3.)

Swedish jeans, French sweater, Italian bike.. and Red Wings

Barbour T-shirt - always classic

Vita has not bought these shoes yet. Yes, we are waiting...

Denim Demon Aajja Selvage, cca 18 months old. 

Soxisix belt complements these well worn Denim Demons.

Back to the office, in a new fresh japanese denim...

.. and in a selvage quality chambray shirt

Originally meant for sheep shepards, now is meant to be an elegant boot

Wind-stopper jacket. Elegant and practical at the same time. Very unusual these days..
3 unique fabrics in one shot: antique natural indigo color of Japan Blue Denim, selvage quality chambray and wind-proof Barbour fabric.

You can make your office in a decent restaurant when you have everything needed in your Qwstion Office Bag.


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