pondělí 30. dubna 2012

Fashion Monday 30.4. - Scandinavian (not only) Leather

Today it was hot, very hot. Normally, it is a good news especially in April, but today this beautiful weather brought us also a problem. Roman is a proud owner of beautiful Indigofera Thurston Vest. Extremely high temperature today did not allow to use it for today's Fashion Monday. It was funny photo shooting using Scandinavian garment only (with an exception of cool Red Wing Chukkas)... Roman is a nice guy and multi-talented artist. Check some of his work his personal pages or for example one of the thousand of projects he is involved. Thank you, Roman!

Not exactly going to the office..

Chinos & chukkas. The look for this summer (and every other summer as well)

This leather bracelet will get very nice aged look quickly

Scandinavian Leather is not only a record from Turbonegro

Stone belt is a best choice for chinos

Not a denim jacket nor denim shirt. Special!

There is a reindeer horn button on the left pocket, signature of Denim Demon..

A small hint who is coming for next Fashion Mondays. Hopefully..

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