pondělí 2. dubna 2012

Fashion Monday 2.4. - heavy weight

Radek (Rae) is a friend (yes, we are all friends in Prague), a happy father, a still well trained boxer and a drummer. He is a member of two music projects, both in different parts of music world. Check his work with hiphop star Indy called KMBL or his band Clou which is active for more than 10 years.

Waterproof with sealed seams, hood can be under collar flap

This outfit make you strong enough to survive (in almost any weather)

Happy models make shootings easy. And funny..

Always saying that, but again: any selvage denim and any Red Wing together looks always good!

My Fair-Trade shirt is fair enough, agreed?
Indigofera Fargo is not a denim jacket but it is not a denim shirt neither. Or is it both?
This version "From the Ashes" really smells like gunpowder. Not for everyone..

Momotaro Denim Huting Cap was meant for Japanese market only. But we have a use for it here too

Actually, we have good use for everything. And everyone!

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