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Fashion Monday 10.9.12. - twice is better than just once

Jakub was already a star in the Fashion Monday a couple of months back. At that time we have not carried Barbour clothing yet so we had to give it a try. Today, the great combo with Levi's Vintage Clothing made us all happy. Jakub's attention for all the smallest details is something what we really appreciate.
Do not forget to check  OKOLO and Pedal Project .. 
Thanks again, Jakub!

LVC 501, year 1954. They really got slimmer back in those years.. 
The fit is much more interesting than the traditional one on a navy shirt. 

Check the details on the front pockets

Navy shirt and the navy shoes. An the Red Line selvage...

The summer is almost over but there is always a good opportunity to wear some Sunpockets..

Relaxed & content

Always happy in Barbour

Brand new raw denim fits always a bit different than worn-in after some days

Lower back poacher pockets.

Removable articulated hood and button-only fastening

Not only the surface of Momotaro's fabric is something very special. 

The leather on these boots will age quickly and beautifully, we have no doubts

Not every brand name is acceptable on the chest but Barbour logo is welcome.

Two stripes symbolize the "Momotaro" war flag. Check the Momotaro article in old blog post.

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