pondělí 7. května 2012

Fashion Monday 7.5.12. - Family Business

We know Karel for a very long time. He is very handsome and always ready to help with any technical problem. Specialized for old Ford cars and old Czech movie cameras An owner of couple of Ford Granadas and Cortinas. We were really proud to have him here with his neat son Karel jr.

Karel jr., Armor Lux Breton shirt & Denim Demon jeans. Very stylish.

Karel jr. & Karel sr., Armor Lux Breton Shirts & Denim Demon jeans. Double stylish.

All the details of an "adult" version of Denim Demon jeans are implemented.

Art lovers.

Red Wing Chelsea Boot and Broken Twill denim

Nimes Belt is a very reasonable priced leather belt. Available in brown or cognac too.

Karel the Son
  • Breton Shirt Armor Lux Beg Meil Blanc/Navire, on stock, currently not shown in webstore
  • jeans Denim Demon Manna Rinsed, on stock, currently not shown in webstore

Karel the Father

Enjoying smoke during photo shooting, relaxed work for Denim Heads. A pleasure.

Beckmans look always awesome but with selvage even better

The wallet & keys always on place

Massive Soxisix belt. Best you can buy. And it is Czech! 
Detachable hoodie, back pocket and other details on this special Barbour jacket designed by Tokihito Yoshida

Typical Tokito silhouette, slimmer than usual Barbour

Well done, thank you Karel!

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