pondělí 14. května 2012

Fashion Monday 14.5.12. - Close Encounters

This Monday we were more than lucky. It happened that without any arrangement we had suddenly two very inspiring minds met in our shop. Then, the things went quickly, already for 2nd time we have a nice couple here being so kind to be the models for our Fashion Monday. They are both multi-talented, entertaining persons and it is always a pleasure to talk with. Click on the following links to find out why. Check some of Petra's work hereJan is involved in so many things.. Check Zerwox & Pedal Project blog & Okolo web & Botas 66 sneakers or some vibes here. You should not miss Headquarters too.

Enjoying Warsteiner or not?  Visit our shop to let us know..

Famous Ijin double tram line soft selvage and super comfortable Officine Creative. A very unique combo.

Red Wings for ladies too! In stock.
Qwstion Tote bag easily switched to a backpack
Ijin signature "Sixth pocket"
Innovation belt. Works well for ALL the sizes.
Sunpocket shades do not hide certain doubts 
We would be very happy if we could see well dressed persons a bit more often..

But we all do our best, don't we?



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