pondělí 21. května 2012

Fashion Monday 21.5. - good to know you!

Marek is one of the very first customers of Denim Heads. Unfortunately, he left his well worn Momotaro jeans at home today. He has helped us a lot in the beginning with our shop etc. not only because he is a professional photographer but also because he is a great buddy, always in a good mood and always ready to help. We appreciate that!
Besides that he is a good father, he loves to cook and obviously, he rides a bike. Check soon one his latest projects here.

Not only Armor Lux Breton shirts have the stripes, Indigofera tees can have them too.

A very special cut of this Ijin Material top.

The place for Ijin Material initials is not really mainstream

Neither this detail is common, but we like it!
Engineer boots with a typical Red Wing's white sole.

The cognac color of Nimes Belt goes well with all the denim.

Even Marek was a bit surprised how many pockets this Vintage Cotton Hunting Jacket had.

All I need is displayed on this picture (except beer).

All the other V.I.P.s we had here:

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