pondělí 28. května 2012

Fashion Monday 28.5.12. - Young Blood

Kristián is undoubtedly one the youngest guys we've ever had in Fashion Mondays. Currently he studies the Law University here, in Prague. He is a Prague patriot although a half of his family come from Hungary. As many of us, he is fond of things which maybe costs a bit more than usual but they can last  and they get better with time. Also, he loves beer and he is always keen to search for fresh new tastes, no matter if we think about food or drink. As we all do.

Thank you Kristian. We'll try our best, too!

Indigofera Ray, fits all right

Sunpocket Sport Xtal Matt is the newest addition to our Sunpocket selection

Everyone likes special holes on the Royal RepubliQ Innovation belt

Ready for summer. With a boat shoes...

First signs of wearing, after almost 4 months

Indigofera Fresno Jacket, reminiscence of 30s 
Rusty buttons, these extreme details on this jacket make us surprised
A very special Momotaro chambray hood shirt

"War stripes" cannot be missed on this shirt

We can easily imagine that these Rays are now favorite pair of jeans for Kristian.

The leather on these Red Wings is amazing. Obviousy goes well with Indigofera selvage denim

We are happy to help you look forward to your bright future!

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