úterý 17. července 2012

Fashion Monday 16.7.12. - an Englishman

Yes, it's been a while since we published last Fashion Monday but it is a holiday, isn't it?

Actually we work hard all the time and we are happy to have here a guest of honor, Mr. Marvin Hill. Marvin is an English but lives now in Prague with his wife and his daughter Amelie. He works like an Art director for Disney Mobile here, in Prague. What is even more interesting is the fact that he is into Americana style (all those selvage jeans, rugged shirts, leather boots etc.) for more than 20 years. So we had a very nice talk and we spend useful and very inspiring time here, in Concept Qubus x Denim Heads. Besides that, he also work on his own clothing label Modern Poetry which will be based on vintage sportswear from the 1920's to the 1970's. We are really looking forward for that Marvin. And thank you for having you here!

This Barbour jacket was originally used in the Falklands war. At that time was made of Ventile fabric.

Enormous amount of packets. There are some people which can use them all..

Beautiful Red Wings made of the finest Featherstone leather. 

Slightly tapered legs of Nezumi jeans

Indigofera Prima Tee, very nice touch it has..

Marvin liked this Czech hand-made Soxisix belt that he kept it. Good decision obviously.

Nezumi jeans are made of Cone Mills 13,5 oz denim. Such a nice denim. This is a very special item in our portfolio.

We also look to the bright future..

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