pondělí 10. června 2013

Fashion Monday 10.6.2013 - Petr, real oldschool

Petr is our customer, a wise man which obviously doesn't need to make any poses. We love his style. And in Pike Brothers they have the same opinion...

It was not me who had chosen this entrance of Seniors' Club for shooting

Unsanforised Indigofera Clint S-P-T-F (Shrink-To-Prima-Fit) is quite stiff in the beginning

Red Wing Beckman in black, robust but undoubtedly stylish. They can be polished to very shiny look.

Massive Soxisix 29 M Belt is inspired by Czech Army Belt.

Hand stitching on the Soxisix belt and amazing Fabric No.2 from Indigofera. When a quality meets quality.

Linen Burbank hat from Stetson is what you exactly need for a hot summer days, possibly with Sunpocket Sport Dark Tortoise 

That was how we dressed Petr for the shooting but we had to catch the opportunity to make some pictures of the Petr's style. Combo of Pike Brothers, suspenders, Red Wings, Stetson and a couple of accessories made our day. It was a pleasure to have you here, thank you very much Petr!

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