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Fashion Monday 14.10.2013 - a visit from Indigofera Prima Jeans

This guy we know from the very beginning of our challenge. We met each other once or twice a year but then we me also in Copenhagen in winter and and in summer too.  He is a vintage cars and motorbike lover. Thus, there are always tons of things to talk about and he always enjoys a good food and a couple of beers. Kari is a Finnish guy working for Indigofera Prima Jeans for many years and some days ago we had that pleasure to meet him in Prague together with his beautiful lady. We had a lots of fun and we are happy that we could make a Fashion Monday with him. Obviously, Indigofera plays an exceptional (Prima) part in this Fashion Monday. And yes, we can just say that it is very important for our Denim Heads store too. We just love everything they produce... 
Some of the stuff is too new that we still do not have it on our offer and some is on the other hand, a bit old, so we do not have this particular shirt for example...

Thank you for a having a good time together!

Fargo is undoubtedly one of the most unusual pieces from Indigofera. Is it a denim jacket or  a denim shirt?

Clint is a one of the basic fits, straight fit, normal waist, very clean and simple.

Now it is not possible to get any garment made of this "From the Ashes" japanese selvage denim. Very special.

Red Wing Engineers are the right choice for this guy.

The fabric of these Clints is a new one: Ashbury denim, 13,5 oz sanforized red-selvage denim made by famous Cone Mills, USA

Always in a good mood...

These snaps are what makes this garment more similar to a shirt, maybe?

Norris is a greatest flannel shirt we had ever seen. 

No matter which color of Norris shirt you will choose, all of them are the best..

Small logo in the front

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