pondělí 18. června 2012

Fashion Monday 18.6.12. - Media Star

Luděk is our customer and a very inspiring person which makes no compromises when talking. Not very common these days. Besides that he is a popular media star. He started like an author in a couple of music magazines a long time ago, but then he worked also for Reflex, Esquire, Formule 1 magazine and many more. He is quite well known for his program me on Radio 1. He moderates his own show on TV Metropol and quite often he comments brodcasts of poker tournaments (obviously he enjoys to play poker as well).

It was funny sunny afternoon. Thank you, Luděk!

Wondering what this brush can be used for?

Playing with beard? Possible

A button handmade of reindeer horn and the Samí flag. So typical for Denim Demon Garments.

Wait, no! It is for the shoes. For the shiny look of Red Wing Shoes.

Actually, we knew it, Ludek!

Midori Traveler's notebook fits easily into jeans back pocket.

Clint is a straight style from Swedish Indigofera Prima Jeans.

Hairy denim of Indigofera Grey Blue fabric. 80's style.

You get such a nice key hook with every Soxisix belt 

It was very hot today. All of us happy that everything is finished.

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