pondělí 25. června 2012

Fashion Monday 25.6.12. - Poker Face

Arny is one of the Turbojugend Praha denim brotherhood too. That means he is undoubtedly one of the best (friends) forever. Besides that he is a friend for many many years, a good and funny companion known to almost all good people in Prague. Always sticked to his TD. A guy appreciating a high quality things, in the past Unix/Linux geek. Now he is a poker (playing) face.

Clean slim cut of Barbour Mount Shirt Jacket

Jacket makes a nice combo with Momotaros and obvious Red Wings

Momotaro jeans, never washed nor soaked. Just worn.

It really takes some time before you get some fading on Momotaro jeans but then it goes faster...
Probably not worn everyday for those months, but looks good.
Air ventilation zippers on the sides and big back pocket. Famous white Traction Tred sole.

This we call the denim with character. It will be still long time before those concealed rivets will pop out.
Arny is very picky about his tees. We are happy that Ijin Halfman logo tee made it!

Appetizer for a new brand in Denim Heads, Sleazy Teez.

We think that he is proud to be from Prague, isn't he?

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