pondělí 11. června 2012

Fashion Monday 11.6.12 - relaxed guy

Radek is our friend for a very very long time. He is a very good cook, loves to spend as much time as possible in the mountains. That is not exceptional, we would love to as well but not everyone can afford that. Thanks for coming!

As casual as possible

One of the Goorin Bros. flatcaps we have on stock now

 It is not very comfortable to wear Momotaro jeans the very first day, but the effort will pay back very quickly.

Typical signs of Denim Demon, a handmade reindeer button, Samí flag...

 Check the peach color of the inseam stitches. (well, we call it pink actually)

Yes, again the selvage (also peach/pink color) and beautiful Red Wing's leather.
Soxisix belt - always great, always rugged
We have a tailor to short the legs but it is recommended to do so after some washes.
Rolled-up sleeves of Breton shirt for comfy summer days.

Football fans of the past (except the last FM with the Canadian guy, he is more into ice-hockey, obviously):

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