pondělí 4. června 2012

Fashion Monday 4.6.12. - Overseas Man

While in Prague founder and designer for Canadian mens brand andd garments, Adam Drover stopped by Denim Heads to buy a some Denim Demon Jeans, and a Royal Republic leather bracelet. We have a lot in common, we like the same things: good food & beer, ice hockey, motorcycles, girls and certainly we can all appreciate a good craftsmanship. We have featured him along with our Denim Heads premium products, Red Wing boots, Denim Demon Emanuel jeans etc. in this week's Fashion monday. It was shot at Butcher's shop, Kozí 9, Prague 1. We recommend this place as well!

Adam left the staff with a gift of one of a kind annd garment wallets. And that was obviously very kind of him. It was a pleasure to have you here, Adam!

Simple but nice wallet

 There are some original and individual garment pieces to come from his brand for the 2012 fall winter season.... To learn more, view some previous andd garment creations as well as the new samples and website concept like his Facebook page and follow these links!

Golme is a denim Jacket with all the Denim Demon features (flag, special buttons...)

Emanuel is probably a heavy user of his jeans. At least they look so..

Is this what they call "Canadian tuxedo"? 
Never enough of this combo: Red Wing & Selvage denim

Those Henley shirts came back from the past. We offer them in many colors..

To make the stitches on the Soxisix belt is very, very hard work

Advices on the Philosophy Bracelet is definitely worth to stick with.

Relax time in the centre of old Prague

White traction Tred sole is a very typical for Red Wing Shoes

bracelet Royal RepubliQ Philosophy Bracelet, temporarily sold out

best of the past:

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