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Fashion Monday 1.10.12. - know your customers

Once upon a time one gentleman and his family was passing by our store in Rámová street in the Old Town, Prague and suddenly he realized that there IS a shop selling decent denim in Prague. A bit later he decided to leave the store with Japan Blue JB0103. The greenish hue of these beautiful jeans is what  makes them so special. The color and the fabric made of Zimbabwe cotton (Japanese say that it is the best for denim fabric and we do believe that!). More on the color here. Besides the japanese denim we used also classic pea coat made by Armor Lux. 100% wool and "Made in France" sign. Soon available also in black color. 
In the second part of this Fashion Monday article you can see that we can make an excellent outfit for all the open-minded customers.
Thank you very much for you help with shooting and hope to see you soon!

Pea coat is never out of fashion. Looks always great.

There is an anchor on all the buttons. Because it is a real sailor (fisherman) item.

No selvage this time but a nice color and structure of japanese denim. And obvious Red Wings.

Not used everyday during hot summer but these jeans fits perfect. Mention that there are no turn-ups. Instead stacking is used.

Only a fair-trade cotton fabric for this Armor Lux Aviron shirt

We are all wondering how the jeans will look like after a bit more wearing.

Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports jacket has no zipper. Only buttons, but used very sophisticated way.
Doubled fabric on elbows, lower back pockets and tartan lining are just some details of this awesome tailored jacket.

Medway shirt is the best of its kind. Again, tons of details by To-Ki-To.

A pocket designed to last.

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