pondělí 8. října 2012

Fashion Monday 8.10.12. - Red (S)wing

We had a honor to host Matěj in our Fashion Monday a couple of months ago. Not so many things had change since then, only that Matěj got married a few days back and he got a new pair of jeans today. No surprise that this garment is inspired by 30's, Matěj is very interested (and inspired) by those old days. We hope that we will see how those Indigofera Kirk jeans will fade in next months. Stay tuned.

We thank you very much, pleasure as always!

Today we focused mainly on a new collection from Indigofera Prima jeans

Indigofera Alamo shirt is made of thick and very durable cotton fabric. Interesting color too.

Cinch-back and riveted back pockets, not very common for last 80 years.

Cinch-back (or buckle-back) can be found on the back of this awesome vest.
Looser fit of the jeans. The fabric is the same like the vest's. Heavy Roswell selvage denim, 13,5 oz.
Alamo shirts in any color will change after hard wearing too. Because of heavy fabric (but with a nice touch) you could enjoy it for a very, very long time.

Red line selvage and the amazing black cherry Featherstone leather. Nice combo!

Barbour tee goes quite well with these stylish jeans. We have some more on stock.

We love to see our customers happy.

We should also strongly recommend this video. Amazing...

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