pondělí 22. října 2012

Fashion Monday 22.10.12. - The director

Today we had a very special guest. Not for the first time here in our store because Tomas Lunak is sophisticated customer for a couple of months. What is maybe a bit more interesting is the fact that he is a director of truly original Alois Nebel movie. It is definitely worth to be seen!

We are really happy that he wears the stuff from Denim Heads everywhere around the globe. And, obviously it makes us really proud that he came today on his bicycle for a today's shooting of (now bi-weekly) Fashion Monday. Thank you very much, Tomas!

Barbour Beacon Heritage Field jacket made from unique coated cotton distressed fabric is military inspired but we can call it elegant without any doubts.

Midori notebook in the back pocket as we like it! Quilted jackets are typical (like waxed cotton) for Barbour.

Big E Levi's 501 from 1954.

No selvage can be seen but it is there. Black Iron Range is one of the classic Red Wings.

Armor Lux wool striped sweater and this jacket is a nice solution for a bad weather not only in the city.

Tartan lining is so typical for Barbour jackets.

100% pure new wool and buttons on the left shoulder, signs of typical Breton sweater

We think that this tee is the best from recent Levi's Vintage Clothing collection. Wondering why?

A map of the Gypsy Tour from 1954. The same year like the type of 501's Tomas is wearing.

We received today a new batch of Sunpocket shades not with printed but embossed logo and a new shape.

We will check how his Levi's will look next time he'll stop by..
Barbour Beacon Heritage Cycling jacket is very practical yet undoubtedly stylish.

Front door of our store. Nice place to hang out for many friends already. Thank you all.
You really can look cool cycling around Prague. Not so common, though. We keep trying to change it.
Thanks for visit, Tomáši!

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